Christine "Buzz" Busby is an adventurer at heart that happens to like keeping a camera in her hand.  Her passion for travel and the outdoors has taken her all over the world.  From solo backpacking all over Asia and Africa, summiting peaks up to 19 and half thousand feet, diving with sharks, rafting the length of the Grand Canyon and Ice climbing in Alaska to road tripping all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.  She started shooting 35mm at age 15 and fell in love with photography right away.  Today Buzz has figured out a way to blend her love for travel and photography creating a lifestyle that encompasses her passions.  She specializes in travel and adventure lifestyle photography and runs a non profit she started in 2014 called Give 35mm Inc teaching photography to children around the world, affording them the opportunity to show their own lives and tell their stories the way they wish it to be told.  

2015 has been a hugely transitional year as Buzz has started to shoot for some big adventure and athletic brands and kicked off the first Give 35mm project in Africa..  Having spent pretty much the entire year so far on the road and with several big trips still on the horizon, stay tuned for these projects to be made public.